Save our home from foreclosure and full time employment.

by Stephanie (Florida, USA)

Our home is has been in foreclosure for almost 5 years. Our mortgage was one with the predatory lending. We do have a legal aid attorney assisting us and she has asked for the case to be dismissed from the courts and for the plaintiff to pay us mandatory damages. After 5 years the court dismisses the foreclosure. Also, I am looking for full time work, I’ve been working on call when I can get hours, but I need full time work. My husband is a heart patient and we have to pay for his doctor visits and his medication. I too have to see the doctor due to an irregular heart beat and I also have high blood pressure and I need my medication.

Please pray for our health, and that the Lord will dismiss the foreclosure from court and reward us with monetary damages and also give us the home, we have owned our home for 15 years. Also, please pray that the Lord will give me a full time job. I know the Lord can and will do everything but fail. Please stand in prayer with me for these things.

God bless you and thank you in advance

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