Save my Son

by Triselda P (Canada)

Heavenly Father, you sent my son as a gift. Today, my son is going through loneliness. I just came to know yesterday he was going through this since he was five years old. He was just a normal child since his childhood day. He mixed with people and was full of joy and fun very bubbly when he spoke to us. Little I did know he felt lonely within him. He gave up his studies 8 yrs back now he plans to go back but his university is not ready to take him back because he had changed his mark sheet. He has logged a petition to his university. Until to-date his petition has not come through. Tomorrow is the last day. If he doesn’t receive then he would have to wait for another 3 months. Please pray that his petition comes through and he gets his re-admission. I know Lord this is not possible for us but nothing is impossible to you. Lord help my son, save my son. Be through him, with him and in him. Change all his addiction and be his friend in his loneliness dear Lord. I place my son into the wounds of your hand O Lord. Lord give peace to my son and bless him with the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of wisdom to decide from what is good and bad, the gift of joy, peace and happiness. Lord before you take me help me see my son’s bright future. Lord soak my son with your hold and precious blood so that on evil can come closer to him. Thank you Lord for making a way for my son Malcolm. I claim this in Jesus name. Amen

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