Save my Relationship with my boyfriend

by Irene (South Africa)

Dear God,

In the name of Father, Son and Holy spirit. I pray to You my God to save my relationship with my boyfriend of two years. Somehow he believes that I have had an affair with another man and this is not true at all. I am committed to our relationship and my God, I have never cheated on him.
Things are very fragile and tense between us at the moment. I know that I love him from the taps of my soul and I want this relationship to work my Lord. I feel so overpowered as he is filled with boiling anger and resentment. I have tried to tell him that I have never cheated on him but with no vail. I dont know what else to say or do. Its painful and I cry alot.
I pray for strength my Lord. I pray YOU come into our relationship and guide us into your path, save us and keep us together. I trust and I have faith Lord. Amen

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