Save my relationship

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Heavenly Father I humbly come to you in the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ requesting your blessings so many things have been going on In my life lately that’s been hard for me to understand so many times I’ve just wanted to give up I’ve been really confused lately after loosing my Mother I felt like I lost a big part of me she meant so much to me in my life after loosing her I lost touch with alot of friends and family started going through a spiritual battle that they didn’t understand and I really didn’t understand either things started to get rough for me my home and living situation started to slip away from me my small buisness started to seem as it hasn’t been going anywhere due to stress I have not been able to find balance in my life Lord it seems as if I’ve been loosing everything I feel so alone I’ve even been loosing my dogs ├ánd feel like I’m slowly loosing myself Lord Heavenly Father I’m loosing the woman I’m in love with and it’s been causing me to become very emotional I pray to you Father to bring our relationship together I’m asking that she not be taken away from me as well I admit that I didn’t do alot of things right in our relationship I lied I cheated I fought and acted as if I didn’t care at times but Father God I do care and love her dearly more than I realized I ask in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ for your forgiveness Lord Heavenly Father I ask that she will forgive me as well and return to build our relationship on a solid foundation I have faith that you can and will bring us together I pray that our relationship be restored and led by your word Father God let your love and your word be the foundation that our relationship is built upon I know and have faith that our relationship cannot fail as long as we keep you first and build it on your word Lord I’m open and ready to receive your blessings take my hand and guide me Father show me the right way to love Lauren keep the enemy away from us let his plan have no affect on our relationship or on our lives I pray in the name of Jesus that every attack against us will fail let the enemy not rejoice or find victory in our lives remove every demonic force and protect us from any evil plan or plot against us let nothing or no one come between us and love that you’ve given us for one another Father God I ask that you cover us and our relationship in the blood of the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ let know weapon formed against us prosper remove everything that has been brought in by the enemy that’s keeping us apart and make it to be powerless against the blood of Jesus Christ I pray and feel like Im worthy to receive great things in my life Father God everything in the Universe comes to us through you and I’m ready to recieve your blessings and your love all praise and honour be to you Heavenly Father God I Thank You I believe you gave your only begotten son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that we be forgiven and not have to suffer your wrath I Thank You Heavenly Father God I Thank Your Lord Jesus Christ all praise be to you You are King of all Kings Lord of all Lord’s I pray that you will forgive my sins and accept my repentance I Thank You in advance over and over even though there’s alot I don’t understand but I’m grateful for all you have done in my life I’ll forever be a believer in you and your word I have so much more to say feel like I can go on and on forever I’m searching and seeking make me a man of honour in your eyes Father God I know I’m nothing without you. Stay with me Lord stay with me Father I pray that you will never leave me use me God to do your will it would be a great honour to be able and allowed to do something for you

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