Save my niece’s life

by Mari (US)

St. Jude

At 60 yrs. old I have never beseeched you because I have been saving it for the time when I would need you the most.

Even though I have just been diagnosed with cancer I beseech you on behalf of my beautiful niece who is in her late 20’s. I know I will be fine, even though the road will be tough. With her, our family is petrified.

She is at the end of the road with her addiction. Her mother( my sister) died from addiction when my niece was in college and she had younger siblings.

She has unsuccessfully been able to function with any kind of sobriety and in the last 2 months has been sent in an ambulance to the hospital to revive her.
She has lost her home and all. The family has been able to place her in a serious rehab but the story just keeps repeating itself ad naseum.

Thank you for hearing my prayer and when I look at my niece as a healthy woman I will see the work of St. Jude for the rest of her life. Eternally Grateful

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