Save my marriage

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that you touch my marriage and other troubled marriages like mine. We have been back and forth time and time again between his PTSD and not knowing what he wants we are back to the blame game and him saying he doesn’t love me or want to be with me.

I pray that you touch and heal his mind of doublemindedness, I pray that you deliver him from the spirit of infidelity. I pray that you he will put aside his stubbornness and call to you and be the man that you have destined him to be. When we first got together we ha so much passion and dreams and goals of what our future would be like. Now he acts like he’s 16 thinking that this young girls have his best interest at heart hyping up his mind and telling lies on me. Now I’m pregnant and he doesn’t believe me or believes it is someone else’s. I need him to believe that i am not like his past relationships and that it love him with all my heart. This child is his and I want him to be the father and husband that you have shown me he can be. Lord I ask you forgive us both for the harsh things that we have said and done to one another and give us the spirit of forgiveness. Touch and stir his mind.

Everything he does, thinks of and touches will remind him of us. Let all these loose girls turn a deaf ear to him and show their true colors of what they really want from him. Show him that the path of being faithful to his wife and being with his family is where he belongs. Let nothing prosper as long as he lives a double life. I pray you watch over us and keep us from danger because while he’s out here acting single while married nothing good can come from it.

I pray you keep us in this time and help mend and fix my marriage in your image. Let him love and protect me as you loved the church. I pray these things in our son precious name

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