Save my marriage

by Christine (Ohio)

Dear Lord Jesus, please pray for my marriage. My husband filed for legal separation but still lives in the house. He is not doing anything to improve his relationship with me. He still expects me to cook dinner for him, wash his clothes, clean the house, shop for him and run his errands. He does not pitch in at all and this is causing our marriage to get worse. When I try to talk to him about this he says I am nagging him and just causes more fights. Dear Jesus, please pray that my husband comes to his senses and shows some love and respect for all the things I do for him.

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  1. There is Hope

    Although I cannot feature my Prayers to St, Joseph here because of my financial poverty and lacking in financial freedom, I decided to just pray for you and make comments… hoping that God will have mercy on me and St. Joseph will grant my favors anyway.

    Hi there! First, your marriage is a blessing from God. If you are married in the Catholic Church, there is no such thing as “divorce” because you, guys, got married !~~~ You, Your Husband and Jesus Christ. When your husband is filing for a “legal” divorce for seemingly no reason at all, then tell him, “I can do that because signing papers is just easy and done in few seconds. Though it is quite uneasy to forget you because you’ve been part of me for so long a time ~~~ and yet, I can do that for love of you. However, do you think Jesus Christ will sign those papers you’re filing?” Then let him re-read the vows both you and him have taken on your glorious wedding day. As far as I know, no husband or wife is emotionally untouched when marriage vows are spoken and re-spoken. the spark of marriage ceases when you cease to relate emotionally and affectionately to each other. But I can see that the way you “serve” him despite the filed divorce, that you still have this spark! Isn’t this not Christian martyrdom — that you deem yourself one with Saint/Martyrs in your married life? How good it is! You’re such a faithful wife! That is why, I can see that in your relationship, there is hope.

    If you’re not married in the Catholic Church but by a Judge or Lawyer, then I have nothing to say. The Law will decide for both of you, not Jesus Christ. Not even you.

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