Save my Marriage

by Brenda (London)

Heavenly Father

It is now 03:56 in the morning and I should be asleep tucked away safe and warm in my bed but instead here I am, up at this time because there is so much going on in my life that I am tormented 24 hours a day.

I have always had a troubled marriage but we have always survived but this time it is different. The devil has really driven us apart and is prepared to ensure that my marriage ends in pieces. God I am not prepared to let this happen and beg that you touch our (my husband’s and I) SOULS and BIND THEM INTO ONE.

Right now we are both doing casual work (the odd day here and there) and getting no government assistance or support and this has put a lot of pressure on our marriage. To make things worse my husband does not believe in you LORD so it is really difficult for me to get him to pray or take his problems to you.

Father you know that I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to touch his SOUL to enable him to see that all he has, is because of you Father, even though he has been in bad health over the last couple of years he has managed to work full time because of you.

It is unfortunate that my husband and I lost our jobs and but I count our blessings that even though my husband lost his job he managed to find casual work quickly unlike me who has struggled for over a year to find work until now. The money we earn is not enough to pay the bills but Father I know that you will provide for us in one way or another.

Father I ask that you give me the words to say to my Husband to encourage him through this difficult time especially as he has come off his depression medication. Father I looked up how I could help him through this period and some of the symptoms mentioned scared me as that is what I am going through or suffering right now. BUT I know that it is my faith however weak, is what keeps me going Father.

Father I rebuke Satan and all evil attached to my family and marriage to die in the fire in the name of JESUS. Father, I ask that you bless my marriage, my husband and I, and keep us strong to overcome anything that life throws at us. Father I ask that the HOLY SPIRIT touches my husband’s SOUL so that he can become a BELIEVER so that you are number one in our lives and most of all our marriage.

Father I thank you for all the blessings you have given me and those of my husband and family. I pray that these blessing continue to fall upon us and keep us strong even when the DEVIL and his DEMONS beckon.

Father Please hear my prayer in JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME


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