Save my marriage, Oh Lord

by Andrea (Brighton, CO)

Holy Saint Jude, worker of miracles, I find myself alone after a marriage of 19 years. I myself have made many mistakes and am willing to work on them as I have continued to try for along time. But My husband has hardened his heart towards me and our marriage and now wants a divorce.

We have married threw the church and I believe in the power that the holy spirit has given you to work miracles. I ask you St Jude to intercede with your strength and power on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ to heal my marriage and bring my husband home. I pray that I continue to work on my faults and my husband see’s this and opens his heart. I pray for strength and faith during this difficult time.

St Jude I love my husband and pray he finds it in his heart the love for me he once knew and does not give up on our marriage. I have prayed to you St Jude in the past and I believe you interceeded and blessed us with your healing grace. I continue and once again pray for your miracle powers of healing threw Christ our Lord, Amen

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