Save my marriage and our beautiful family

by nicole ()

Lord please I am on my hands and knees crying for you to help me save my marriage and my family. Please restore faith in my husband open his heart to me. Help him to see I made a mistake but I will do anything for he is my one true love. Although he filed for divorce please give him faith and strength to not go through with this. Let him know we can repair our marriage. I don’t want our family torn apart our children our so little I don’t want to see the hurt in the faces as I saw in my husband. Please help him see that I am and will be that amazing wife he married. Please ask him to give me and our marriage a second chance. We are worth fighting for our family is worth fighting for. I’m sorry I hurt him but I promise you that I would never hurt him again. I put that on my kids. Please bring him home to us he is my forever and ever. Till death do us part. Please give him faith in me once again. I miss everything about this man. God you gave him to me and I’m sorry I disrupted our marriage but I am asking for forgiveness and 1 more chance to save my marriage save the love of my life and save our children. We will be lost without him. I beg for your help god. Please answer my prayers along with my mother Junaita I know you have seen and heard her cry too. She believes in us so much it please answer her prayers to give our family 1 more chance. Amen

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