Save me guide me love me and strengthen me

by Mario (Tampa Fl)

Oh Lord please I ask you show me love and give me Strength for I am weak I am not perfect i have many flaws and commuted many sins but i am human.. I cannot rely on my judgment for it has failed me countless times I am ready to give my life to you my lord my god. I was blind to all that is rightoues I lived in my own selfish ways for to long….

I have helped many just as I have hurt many but my heart is good and my body is full of light oh Lord I call upon thee take away my pain take away my hurt my name is Mario DiSarro you came to me in a dream and spoke my name oh Lord how I love you I lost my grandparents that raised me I lost my 4yr old son my house burned down but I am still here it’s been years since thoes trials now i am faced with being homeless and you know these things but Lord I need you to help me and guide me to make the right choices for you are all knowing.
In Jesus name i prey

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