Save marriage end separation and change wife heart and direction with marriage

My wife and I are currently separated living far away from each other. We are not talking and wife is so hateful and cold towards me. She acts like she just does not care about anything anymore. I am praying God will do a deliverance healing for her heart and her mind.

Pray God will heal and restore this marriage bringing us back together again very quickly.
Pray satan hold is broken off this marriage and my wife. Pray my wife has a change of heart and will no longer give up on this marriage but reminded why she fell in love with me and why we got together.

Pray in Jesus name the lies spoken will be broken and she will see the truth of what has been spoken. Also pray she will see the bad situation she is in and will just come home very quickly. Pray she will hear Gods voice and the stubborn ways will end.

Pray God will get her attention quickly. Also pray all inappropriate relationships will be broken in name of Jesus.

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