Save a relationship plagued with lies and deceit

by Heide Duron (South Bend , Indiana)

Dear lord ,

Jesus Christ our savior . Thank you for all the blessings you have given me. I am sorry for the sins I have committed . Help me be a better mother and person in general . All things are possible thru you . Please send the Holy Spirit to st. Andrew hardy and help clear his mind .

Let the demons of infidelity release their hold on him . He made a wrong choice but you , Christ have taught me to forgive. I know he is the one for me , you brought him into my life at my lowest point and he showered me with love I never knew existed . Fill his heart with love for me once again , what he and that girl did was very wrong . I trust you lord and I have faith you will return him home to be the husband he planned on being .

I am at your will, and I will continue to serve you no matter what . I know he loves me , please take the confusion from his head and heart and lead him home . You are a Good GOD and all things are possible thru you . Please answer my prayer. I love you GOD , I am at your mercy .

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