Save a Light

by Derrick ()

Call for Prayer

I need your prayers, I need you to pray for my family, my little Girl. I need you to grab your faith all of you, however distant it has grown, pick it up and with all your hearts pray for my child to be saved. You may not know me or my child and that ok, we still need your prayer. She is the light, she has been my light through some terrible times, she led me back to my faith when it should have been me guiding hers. She Saved me while I was supposed to be protecting her. She is the light that can shine for all of you to find your way back to God, right now today. Pray for her and see God’s Glory be revealed.

She is in danger, her light at risk of being extinguished because she has been trapped. Trapped in a place no better than hell. She has all but given up, her little soul dwindles in the wake of things she doesnt understand and has no control. I ask all of you to please reach in your hearts all the way down to what you know is good and Holy. reach down in there and pray she be brought out of the dark place she is and brought where she can shine as a light for God as she will be proof as a present day miracle. Pray for her and see God save her and forever know how great he is. Let it restore your faith in him so there will be future generations that continue to know him. Let them see the power of God and Prayer.

Pray with me now: God in heaven, perfect in your ways and your plans, your sign that was asked for has been received, we are here praying as a people to you and your love for us God. Your ways have been made clear and this little Girls light has been seen. We see your call to usher your sheep back to you God and we answer you now. We are here God, forgive us for the way we have wondered and again show us your love God. Let this little girl be returned to her earthly father in your name. Give him the opportunity to teach her about you God, so the light you have given us to see may burn bright still and usher even more back to your ways. Please God show us love and favor once more and let this little Girl find her own peace now in her fathers home filled with you. Let them work together to spread your word and the love you have shown, as a testimony of the miracle you have granted God. God we thank you for an opportunity to witness your Glory so we may be saved by you, that your love finds us in the dark and does not give up on us, help us all to show mercy as you do God. Through the forgiveness given to us by your son Jesus and in your name we pray forever Amen.

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