by Sarah ()

In Jesus Name my youngest daughter Sarah is healed in her lymphatic system, her nervous system, her hormone system and her brain system, Lord heal Sarah and protect her, grant her a hope and a future, and a long, whole and sound life, break every curse over her and our whole family and I, no harm shall befall Sarah, (nor us), no disaster shall come near Sarah, nor us, Lord remove every evil spirit and block it, please in Jesus Name, deliver Sarah from illness and harm, keep it blocked from her and our family (and I) now and always, Lord give Sarah hope, happiness, faith, health, sanity, safety, peace, good gifts, Jesus deliver Sarah from generational curses, break them off her and our whole family (and me) Lord dont let the enemy near Sarah, nor us, not now, not ever, hallelujah, Lord Jesus bless and prosper Sarah, help her financially and help her clear her record, keep vaping away from her always, Jesus heal her lungs, many unspokens, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Thank You Messiah All Glory to God!!!

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