Salvation of soul and restore marriage

by Julio (California)

O Divine Eternal Father, in union with your Divine Son and the Holy Spirit,

and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I come humbly asking for Your help. I ask that you would remove the heart of stone from my wife and replace it with a heart of flesh and give her a new spirit fill with the desired to seek Jesus our Lord and Savior Your Son. Heavenly Father You know I have try all I could humanly possibly do to change my wife’s mind regarding our marriage and all I have done is push her further away, I know now that the only one that can do anything is You Heavenly Father, You can call her by name and bring her back to the Light out of the pit she is in. I ask this not for my benefit but for Your Glory, that our three children will see the power of prayer and that with You there is nothing impossible. My Heavenly Father please change her mind and stop the divorce proceedings but let it not be what I want but Your Will be done. I also ask You to please change each an everyone of my family members specially me into the person You designated us to be. Please also look at all other marriages in trouble and help them, return our prodigals and help us focus on You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and not at our circumstances. I pray all this in the most holy name Jesus. Amen