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by Josie ()

FAther God I pray 4 the metro bus management 2 employ more bus drivers that no strike wil happen that negotiations wil b met in Jesus name & tat they get paid healing of Jordy ask Father God that I get a lift home or wherever I need 2 get 2 everyday & also 2 wrk that bus stops strikes in Jesus name job Jason pray 4 Isabel verinia healing kerwin Maureen backsliden Yvette my friend Jesus I want2come2U nicky situation Lifegroup Lord make away 4 me to go to Abigail ah yee brother will not argue about electricity acc that he will pay whole acc that they stop wasting electricity whatever he is doing that Is abusing the electricity get al my recons done that my whole body is healed convict expose&remove al those who use abuse nasty spiteful2me Jesus I want 2 come 2 U
situation Father God I pray4 jas sam& ian rae Aubrey Lord comfort them thru this time tat they may know Ryleigh Is with Jesus illona Yvette kids Dylan job healing Abigail Theresa etiene berger myrtle gina anakay angy Dakota kim grace Vinnie & neighbor myself that cyst & growths shrivel& die in Jesus name sinus goes in Jesus name hammer toes & bunions goes in Jesus name some1wil bles&give in2my life Jesus I want2come2U Holy Spirit help me with studying 4 exams exams mov2jun unallocated cash sorted out I pray Jesus that convict those who r practicising horrible things in church I pray Lord 4 this country & government 4 elections zay metro bus give 52b bus that I get home safely cover winchesterhils ext3 in the blood of Jesus ah yee bro cut gras & pay the half of rates & taxes find fac2601,ecs1601 ,aue2601 question bank with ans catch up on wrk criminals get caught Jesus I want2come2U HEALING grace Theresa gina marlene kay kim &her dad pushpa jenny al the people who r on wings of hope cancer page who have cancer that other indian woman situation Maureen boston meryl Yvette & kids neil with finances paying bond medical aid Father God I bring sizw terry bayanda al those people in my dept who r nasty abuse spiteful I 4give them I pray Holy Spirit convict them & remove them out of my life I claim distinctions in al my exams no repeats Lord I claim supernatural miracles breakthrough financial breakthrough stef jobs ash cherly sister nersan al those who need jobs virgil with his ccma Jesus take control of my life my job my desk my phone my home house proeperty area no problems with computer hyphen putty or anything tat everything runs smoothly I thankyou 4 supernatural favor for appraisal excellent appraisal no problems or complaints thankYou Jesus Jesus I want2come2U
salvation world family friends sa Israel Jesus take care of my house property that nothing happens that ah yee goes back to china & leave me alone that the house belongs to You Jesus that U live at 44 koorsboom str that I wont have any problems because Jesus U said U will take care of me I claim distinctions in al my exams my cover the house in Your Blood that no one can touch the house that ah yee get money to pay her debts that Jesus set Your angels to protect are that criminals wont come in our area situation aradhna boston meryl clive Jesus I want 2 go up to U like enoch Elisha Elijah don’t want to be part of this world I pray 4 Maureen &her children Jesus be the centre of my life Jesus U have a plan 4 my life I thankYOU 4 excellent appraisal supernatural favor finances supernatural I pray 4 bonita & family comfort them Jesus I want2come 2 U supernatural miracles supernatural breakthrough financial breakthrough stef meet his needs boston job kayla healing kay Jesus I want 2come2U Situation Yvette neil sort out finances financial breakthrough supernatural favor &supernatural miracles breakthrough elri I claim eph3:20 over my life & my friends Jesus I want2 c U and come2U Jesus U r in control of mylife my job my house my home property everything get bus home peace at home no ants or mice or rats at home Father God remove those people who cause problems who abuse nasty spiteful 2 me. Jesus I want2come2U Neil sort out finances nicky &mum neil also to pay insurance &med aid I thank YOu Jesus 4 supernatural favor I am highly favored abundantly blessed and deeply loved explosive blessings cover winchesterhils ext3 Johannesburg house property area desk chairs my life belongs to U Jesus my job my studies my property house everything belongs to U Jesus be the centre of my life I break every demonic stronghold curse in Jesus name ah yee pay her bro protion of electricity also no problems tat she stop wasting electricity get al unallocated cash sorted out especially gov schemes Jesus I want2come2U I thankyou Jesus I claim heb11.1 by faith I see myself pasing all my exams completing 2nd yr and doing 3rd year Jesus U got a plan 4 my life so U wil make a way that I get through al my subjects2 complete my bcompt Jesus take control of financial situation financial breakthrough supernatural miracles supernatural breakthrough situation Yvette neil & finances I break every demonic deceptive controlling domineering arrogant egotistical boastful accusing selfish distractive jezebel spirit in the office in Jesus name Jesus I want2come2U laan nu them must pay for their own remote as we r paying for the installation of the electric motor than they must pay towards everything that needs 2 be fixed I need to concentrate on my studies and work hard and get good marks for my assignments take away tiredness will go in Jesus name I will do enough hours for each subject in a week hr get speak to Shaki so she puts in my budget for my studies I pray Isabel friend 4 healing of lungs liam restoration of neck that was broken 4 life in the nerves in whole body spine everything parylis go in Jesus name total healing according to 1 pet 2.24 & jer30.17 he wil hav life in every part of spine & neck &legs in Jesus name gerda break spirit of depression fatigue have to go tiredness have 2 go in Jesus name testing wil change that we don’t do it on the 1sept get lift to emma That I will not get blamed for the pension stuff that wasn’t released that they will be able 2 extend value date that Jesus U will expose those who don’t wrk in the dept so I release them in YOur hands Holy Spirit sort out everything that they change the testing to Sat also that if it is YOur will that I go to Hong Ning braai that I get lift there & back that I get al my assignments in. I pray 4 Jarrod Lord that U protect & watch over him & Elri also provide her with the finances she needs & also 4 those who have been captured that U protect & use the in the prison 2 get the people saved there Jesus take care of every situation Jesus U r in control of mylife my job my house my home my everything my area my finances I pray supernatural breakthrough financial breakthr eph3.20 al unallocated cash wil get allocated with schemes sort out al the problems with Maureen also amore I pray for salvation for her & her daughter whatever happened between them gets sorted out that ah yee gives me al the money 2 pay 4 electricity I pray 4 mark bredenkamp Lord take control of that situation cover him in the blood of Jesus I break every demonic evil curse on his life to break this spirit of alcohol & that their marriage b restored 4 healing 4 his wife of cancer that her immune system builds up in Jesus name to fight that disease speak life in her body in Jesus name that Father God U sort everything out about the weekend in Jesus name about the testing about the picnic about getting to old age home event in sandton in getting home NO BUS STRIKES BUSES WILL RUN EVERYDAY that I get unallocated cash get al my assigments done and get distinctions FAther God I pray Lord that they don’t move my mentenova acc andlcca account and that I move with the account if that is YOur will You have a plan 4 my life so take control of my life my house my property my area supernatural finances break through financial breakthrough neil house Yvette &Dylan job healing isa leg Father God I break every demonic evil manipulative selfish backbiting accusing judgement spirit I break it in the name of Jesus every curse send YOur Holy Fire upon their heads that I complete my fac2601 assignment give me wisdom also tht I find my pearls & other stuff earings get up2date on my wrk clear unallocated cash cover me in the Blood of Jeusus busses wil resolve their problems DISTINCTIONS IN AL MY ASSIGNMENTS & EXAMS THAT TAX THING GETS SORTED OUT IN CANANADA NO PENALTIES OR ANY NONSENSE HOLY SPIRIT HELP ME SORT OUT THIS NONSENSE Robert healing of his whole body pain has 2 leave his body restore his organs SARS pays my money some1wil bles & give in2my life explosive blessings supernatural breakthrough supernatural breakthrough excellent appraisal Jesus take control of mylife my job my home that they will not have spirit of fear supernatural favor comfort Tony Yolanda Tyron Tarryn & grandkids supernatural FAVOR MIRACLES GREAT &MIGHTY THINGS PROMOTION SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHRU EXPLOSIVE BLESINGS SOME1WIL BLES & GIVE IN2MY LIFE JESUS TAKE CONTROL OF MY LIFE NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER IF GOD BE 4 ME WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME I AM COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS JESUS U WIL MAKE A WAY IF U WANT ME 2 B AT AVON WALK VINNIE WIL GO 2NITE 2 LIFEGRP EXCELLENT APPRAISAL GARY TOTAL HEALING CANCER SHRIVELS &DIES EZEKIEL 16.6 HE WONT BE POLUTED IN HIS OWN BLOOD JER30.17 RESTORE HIM COMFORT TONY YOLANDA TARYN TYRON get a lift to funeral but wil b able 2shower at marks park comfort Rose noleen & family COVER ME IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS SOME1WIL GIVE &BLESS INTO MYLIFE SORT OUT AL MY LIFTS FATHER GOD I ASK 4 BORN AGAIN SENIOR MANAGER 4 OUR DEPT THAT WIL SEE WHAT IS GOING ON THAT SIZWE WIL NOT GET SHAKI JOB THAT U REMOVE HIM OUT NO PROBLEMS WITH MY SYSTEMS COMFORT ROSE THEM REGISTERED LETTER WONT COST A LOT OF MONEY TO GO TO CANADA NO PROBLEMS GET BACK IN TIME FROM RANDBURG 2 GET TO OAKDENE PAULINE SORTED OUT MY INVESTMENT IN CANANDA THAT THEY SATISFIED WITH WHAT I SENT THEM NO PROBLEMS caroline eye op foon foon is at home distinctions in al my exams healing of my neck and body and shoulders and my eyes cover me in the Blood of Jesus with my studies &when I write my exams that no person with terrible smel b sitting near me that I wil b able 2 think clearly that cysts leave my body & knobs shrivel & die in Jesus name I pray 4 Tony comfort him & tat virgin active get wifi fixed I pray 4 al missionaries & I pray 4 rain in SA to fil the dams & reservoirs 4 emma them to have meeting after my exams I CLAIM SUPERNATURAL MEMORY PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY UNDERSTANDING OF AL GRAPHS REMEMBER AL FORMULAS WORKINGS CALCULATIONS pass al my exams with distinctions answer al questions some1wil bles &give in2my life comfort Nicky & family ISABEL APPRAISAL THAT MY FINAL KPI FOR EXCELLENT FINAL RATING al the people who have cancer on wings of hope pagethat they will give exemption in subjects from unisa favor don’t have to pay matric exemption that I get extension for certificate thing I move to sit next to Thabang or have my own space away from them That I will have cupboard for milk & all the coffee & stuff & stationery & move the little kitchen also if people have nothing better to say about me than they Father God You will shut their mouths I pray for Siya open his eyes to see what is happening & that Jesus YOu block his ears from listening to their advise or their complaining & that Lord if YOur Holy Fire will fall in office & demonic evil spirit or witchcraft things have to go in Jesus name send it back to its sender I find supernatural favour abundantly blessed & deeply loved that YOu cover me in YOur glory that everything will be well that YOur Holy Spirit show me how to claim on the dc pension prov stuff on Lcca acc take control of my life as this is YOur year old things are passed away auditors I find favor with them that maq is satisfied with things I sent him cims gets sorted out some1wil pay rest of my missions trip that I get the statement of results fr Pretoria ^& that unisa will accept the docs & that I wil have no problems GROENKLOEF GYM CHANGING ROOMS SORTED WHEN I GO ON thusrday AND ALSO GET CERT OF RESULTS FROM EDUCATION DEPT NO PROBLEMS & UNISA ACCEPT DOCS NO PROBLEMS MY FINGER IS HEALED & MY TOES ARE STRAIGHTENED IN JESUS NAME SENEKAL TRIP SOME1 WIL BLES & PAY REST OF AMOUNT HOLY SPIRIT GIVE ME WISDOM UNDERSTANDING KNOW HOW TO CALCULATE TO CORRECT AMOUNT LIBERTY REFUNDS ME FOR THE SUBJECTS PASSED FOR SUPERNATURAL FAVOR NO PROBLEMS WITH THAT IF THOSE ONES AT WRK HAVE NOTHING TO SAY THEY KEEP QUIET Father God HOly Spirit Jesus reveal to me whether I should do this thing of Ruweida rosie that my cell phone gets sorted out that I have my own space not near any of them that we have our own kitchen cupboard for milk &all & stationery Jesus I want2 come 2U healing of Isabel restore her whole body haematomas go in Jesus name and also convict the person who knocked into her bunions & hammertoes has to go in Jesus name I see my feet straight toes straight normal in Jesus name Healing of that growth in Ronnie that it shrivels & dies in Jesus name like Jesus said to figtree 1Pet2.24 he is healed and Jer30.17 restore his health no weapon formed against me shal prosper expose al those who are not underhanded things & remove them out of my life cover myself in the Blood of Jesus that trip gets fully paid some1wil bles & give in2my life that we go to prayer tonight pray for bayanda Lord convict her alwyn favour for his shows denise daughter & son in law situation all go well with isi op today rene that she regains her speech tat I speak life into her muscles every part in her brain resurrection of the power of Jesus of her sleeping brain to wake up that she wil speak again kerwin healing also Edward jenny roger them Lord I pray for them grief comfort Caroleen them also grief comfort ah yee bro gets a job & that he cuts the grass Denise friend in Durban her grandchild old lady fix Yvette car Shirley & Mike strengthen them both ah yee pays the electricity CORONVIRUS CURE NON IN SA NEF DAUGHTER HEALING FIONA GRIEF LORD and

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