Salvation for my husband Maurice Allen Petty

by AISHA ()

God, I lift my husband Maurice Allen Petty up to you now in the name of Jesus. God, he has been an awful husband towards me. He takes my kindness as a weakness; he walks all over me. Everyone comes first before his wife, and our vows mean nothing to him. All he talks about are the things he desires to do for the world, but not to improve his and our relationship. He tends to go on his own understanding, and he is misusing the world of GOD and what the bible really means to is true believers. God, your daughter is hurting inside, I feel so alone and unhappy with how my marriage has turned out. I really wanted to be in a happy Longterm marriage. God, can you please speak to Maurice heart right now in the name of the father Jesus Christ. Open his heart and mind and show him sorrow for how he has treated me over the course of these years. God, my heart is broken, and I can’t tolerate any more pain. I know I am a strong person, but I am breaking down lord. I can’t get my husband to see the value in our marriage, and I keep taking him in hopes that things will get better. God, please fix this situation for me my dear father. I thank you for your after lasting love for me. Amen

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