Salvation for my family

by Nancy ()

Please pray for the salvation of my kids and grandkids. My son Christopher has a hard heart since his wife died and he doesn’t want to hear about the Lord. He believes in the Earth and the Universe.

My grandson Daniel (22) is all up in his head. He doesn’t accept a god who would torture someone for eternity for the sole reason they don’t believe in him. Also, the virgin birth and raising from the dead seem like ridiculous stories to him.

My granddaughter Lilly (11) is confused. She listens to her dad and brother and school books on Darwin and doesn’t know whether to trust the Bible and that Jesus is who He said He is. Evolution is taught as fact. It’s hard to get past all that. She goes to church with me, but I’m so afraid the devil is going to win, at least for awhile.

My grandson Spencer (21) is kinda immature for his age and doesn’t like conforming. He tunes me out or shuts me down if I try to talk to him about the Lord. I’m not sure what his wife believes.

My grandson Brendan (23) and his mother Wendy (my step-daughter) aren’t saved. Her autistic son Daegen is saved. I haven’t really talked with them about it. I believe Wendy went to church when she was a kid. I talk about the Lord with them. They don’t really respond.

Anyway, please pray for their hearts to be convicted of their need for a savior; my son Christopher will be the toughest I believe. He shuts me down when I try to witness to him.

Thank you. It weighs heavily on me. They all need the Lied!

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