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I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people(all our loved ones, all of our friends & extended family members and friends, as well our neighbors, our coworkers, our bosses, our support staffs & our clients,(medical or non-medical fields), as well as our patients, and their loved ones too, our teams, our church families, our clergies, our men & women in blue, our firefighters, our military here in America and around the globe, those in the missions fields, and countless ministries globally. Prayers are always needed for our persecuted church families around the globe. Prayers are needed for everyone in this world. I can use a lot of prayers too. Prayers are always needed for forgiveness towards others whom have offended us or towards those whom we love or care for, we are to forgive others just like the bible says; we must forgive others so GOD will forgive our offenses towards HIM or others that we offend too. I do struggle with forgiving others too at times. Prayers are always needed for SALVATION for anyone that we know within our circle of influence(our loved ones, our friends, and many other people) who are or may be LOST, to pray for their SALVATION & tell them about JESUS or GOD. Prayers that we will stay the course with GOD and never give up, never give in or never quit our journey with GOD. GOD will strengthen us and carry us, HE will never leave us or forsake us. I can testify. Prayers are always needed for everyone who are broken in many ways or hurting or suffering in many ways too: here in America and around the globe. Prayers are needed of giving thanks to GOD and to others GOD who
has placed in our lives. Prayers are always needed from A to Z. Prayers are always needed for everyone in every age group especially for our youth here in America & around the globe. Prayers are SO STRONG and they DO WORK, ALL THE TIME. Prayers to GOD of being thankful to HIM for everything from A to Z. You are in our prayers too. You all have AN AWESOME THANKSGIVING, ADVENT & CHRISTMAS too.
Thank you very much
Sister In Christ

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