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I am standing in the need of prayers for many people including myself(all of my loved ones, all of my friends & extended families & friends, church families & loved ones, and countless others including myself). We need prayers for those are in need of Salvation in Jesus Christ, for totally forgiving others as well as ourselves, and desperately in need of GOD’S FORGIVENESS & DIRECTION. We need prayers to stay the course to walk in HIS OBEDIENCE, to stay focused on HIM & HIS WORD (THE HOLY BIBLE), stay connected with other believers in the faith or CHRIST FOLLOWERS, HIS STRENGTH, HIS DISCERNMENT IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, ENDURANCE, COURAGE, STRENGTHEN FAITH, PATIENCE, THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, and LOTS OF PRAYERS from A to Z. Prayers are always needed for all of our youth GLOBALLY especially here in OUR OWN COUNTRY. Prayers are needed for ALL OF OUR CITIES, TOWNS, COUNTIES, SUBURBS, RURAL AREAS, URBAN AREAS, as well as OUR NATION. WE need JESUS, GOD & GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT living in us, and guiding & directing,protecting, providing for us in every area of our lives. Prayers are for those who are broken in many ways due to death, to crime, to not walking with or trusting GOD in all areas of our lives, brokenness due to all sorts of abuse from A to Z, addictions, strongholds from the enemy(breaking all those chains) through prayers and also fasting whenever HIS SPIRIT leads us to FAST or combination of both), due to all the negativity surrounding us in this world, which is not our home. PRAYERS INTERCESSIONS FOR EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD INCLUDING OURSELVES. PRAYERS from A to Z, for those who are LOST, in the process of possibly falling away from their FAITH due to a lot of circumstances in this world, or maybe due to sin in our lives, I still struggle with sin in my own life, I am a work in progress like everyone else, and in constant need of prayers to the FATHER, I can’t get enough of prayers because they do WORK. I can testify & I believe it. Prayers are needed for ALL AGES, especially those who are parents, grandparents, parent figures that GOD is using or working through to help us, mentors, persons who can hold on us accountable according to GOD’S WILL so that we can stay the course(never quit, never give up and never give in) to sin especially at our weakness, spiritual warfare or attack from the enemy in many ways only GOD knows & HE can conquer but we must do our part by daily bible reading or study(alone, small group, prayer partners, or whoever GOD uses to help each other as iron sharpens iron), we NEED GOD & EACH OTHER, as well as staying constantly prayed up 24/7 if needed (2 Thessalonians 5:17) that’s is how, it works, I believe that we can beat the forces of darkness or the enemy coming at us or those that he uses to try to defeat us, ONLY STAYING CLOSE TO JESUS, HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE & POWER SOURCE to defuse the enemy of our souls tactics, it is easier said than done but we gotta to BELIEVE & TRUST IN THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN/ SAVE US /SEE US THROUGH IT TO FIGHT ALL OF OUR BATTLES FOR US from A TO Z. We CAN’T do it in our own strength because we will only be defeated or get a beat down, SO WE MUST TRUST IN THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP US & THAT IS JESUS CHRIST(OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR). Hebrews 13:5-6, 8, Ephesians 6:10-20, 1 Timothy 3:16, 2 Timothy 1:7, Romans 8:36-39, Philippians 4: 4-20, JOHN 3:16-36, 1 John 4:4, psalms 22, 23,24, 32:8, 46, 51, 84:11, 91,100,psalms 118:23-24, 119:105, and 121, Isaiah 40:28:31, 54:4-8, 17, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 51, Isaiah 53, Jeremiah 29:11-14, Genesis 37, 50:20, to Revelation 21:4. Just read HIS WORD daily, anytime of the day according to your schedule, even if it is a 15 minute scripture-filled devotional according to HIS WORD(THE HOLY BIBLE). GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME, EVEN WHENEVER WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS DOING. I can testify, & believe it, I have been going through a lot of serious battles due to sin in my life, and I have repented & let go of those sins, I have been going through spiritual warfare, possibly, because I am,possibly, on the path that GOD is LEADING ME, and I am constantly staying prayed up, praying for others(intercessions & I have others pray for me as well as all of my loved ones, others, and everyone else in this world). I am a work in progress just like everyone else in this world. I am a hot mess now, but in the end, GOD is still working on me to become one of HIS MANY MASTERPIECES(EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD). HE LOVES ALL OF US BUT HE HATES OUR SINS BECAUSE IT SEPARATES US FROM GOD & HINDERS HIS BLESSINGS. GOD LOVES EVERYONE(john 3:16-36). Stay focused on HIM, stay in HIS WORD, Intercede for OTHERS & vice versa(prayers), stay connected with other BELIEVERS & PRAYER WARRIORS, Stay BELIEVING IN HIM & HIS WORD, even if your faith is weak or small, stay the course through prayers & keep your eyes on HIM ,no matter what,GOD IS THE MOST STRONGEST THAN OUR ENEMIES(we gotta pray for them)in HIS STRENGTH, because the ONLY enemy we have is the devil & his demons). You all are in our prayers, please keep us all in your prayers too(as the old saying says, there is safety in NUMBERS, and that is mainly staying close to GOD, just like a little child holding on tight to his/her parents or loved ones for safety. Please continue to pray for all the persecuted churches around the globe, the mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically broken, as well as spiritually broken or/and many other ways broken, that ONLY GOD CAN HEAL according to HIS WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE. STAY PRAYED UP 24/7 non-stop. GOD DOES HEARS OUR PRAYERS, INTERVENES ON HIS TIMING, which is RIGHT ON TIME, because HE IS PERFECT & HIS WAYS ARE PERFECT, & YES, HE DOES HEALS according to HIS WILL. I can testify & I believe, I am over 50 years old now & pushing 60, 1 HOT MESS, but GRACEFULLY BROKEN & IN HIS WILL/PLAN/PURPOSE. I am not strong, I am no expert on HIM & HIS WORD, but I read, study & apply HIS WORD to the best of my ability through HIM to walk it out or live it out especially with the prayers & help of others that GOD uses & vice versa. GOD can meet(ONLY GOD) all of our needs, our desires, our purposes & then some according to HIS DIVINE PURPOSE & HIS WILL for all of us in this world. STAY FOCUSED ON HIM & IN HIS STRENGTH, HE WILL DO IT. JUST TRUST HIM, even if our faith is weak, or small. Proverbs 3:5-6. I am PRAYING FOR YOU ALL TOO. I LOVE YOU ALL TOO. JUST STAY FOCUSED & TRUST HIM, IT CAN BE DONE & HIS STRENGTH(ONLY).

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