by Mary ()

First I want to give thanks to my Father, Son and Holy Spirit for saving me and rescuing me from death.
To seek his kingdom and his righteousness first.
To strengthen me in my weakness. To glorify his name in my life and in every circumstances of my life. To make me humble and a clean soul.
Please help me pray Malachi 4:5-6
Jason (17)and Ashley (29) for salvation and to respect, acknowledge and serve the Lord. God to reveal their sins and bring fully sincere repentance. For us to love and serve the lord. To be a United family with respect and reverence to the Lord.
For my Lord to return my joy as a mother.
To give my kids compasión and love for others and help the needed people. To soften their hearts of rock.
For me a single mom to help me in my spiritual growth. To give wisdom and knowledge of his word, To be a good testimony. To be light everywhere specially in my house. For his presence to be at my house. To obey the Holy Spirit that dwells within in me. To continue allowing me to serve and be a clean vessel for his purpose. To purify me every day. To finish his good works on me. To love him more and get to know him every day. To increase my hunger and thirst for him. To be grateful every second of my life. To have fully understanding and revelation when I read his word. To have discernment. To die at my flesh and walk more in the spirit.
To listen to his word. To have a supernatural encounter with him. To obey and love him more every day.
Thank you Jesus!
Please help me pray all these things.
Thank you so much highly appreciated.
A desperate Mother and the only Christian in the family. By Faith I’m declaring salvation for my entire family to come to Christ and to be free from idolatry in Jesus name. Amen!!!
Also free of drugs alcohol and other substances and divorce. We broke these chains of curses that’s becoming from our ancestors and we declare freedom from my generation my kids and 6 generations ahead. In Jesus name!

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