Saint Therese has answered several prayers for me

When someone important to me had left me, I prayed to Saint Therese to bring him back into my life. Before this, I had little faith in God and wasn’t sure what to expect. On the third or fourth day of saying the 5 day prayer to her, this person came back into my life. Not only that, but I saw all the signs of Roses that I had asked for over and over.

Every time I had asked, she gave me. Thank you Saint Therese. You showed me that miracles are possible and taught me how to believe in you and brought me to God.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    i have someone in my life who i love and miss very much

    I have someone who i love and miss very much and would like her back into my life she is lost and needs help and please pray for her heading down a wrong path in life.

  2. heartbroken says:
    working on my life

    i am in a terrible relationship for the past 16 years with one son. no marriage no security. i’m jobless at this point so my joy of leaving is on a hold until i can afford to. On the first of January 2016 someone came into my life and from that moment i have been the happiest in all of my life we both comfort his past and my situation. I knew i was going to leave my common law to share a relationship with this person. About three weeks ago this person began ignoring my calls and the lovely text became blunt answers. When i ask what had happened he told me someone told him i’m a player and i will cheat on him because i have many male sex partners. I told him its a rumor and to please give me the opportunity to prove people wrong to him. since then to now things have gone astray with us, although we text its not the same as i would like it to be. i really need him to come back to me and trust me. MY PRAYERS ARE to get myself a job move out of my troublesome relationship and get back this person in my life

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