Saint Jude help me get my fiance back

by Diana (Laredo, TX, US)

In the Name of Jesus, I humbly ask that my relationship with E.P. get back to where we were at the beginning. He was a very good, Catholic man, and somehow he strayed after he promised he would never do it. Please make him come back to me and let our relationship become better and stronger in the eyes of God. Please turn him into to honest, loving man he was before, and make him be true to me once again and that our love will grow stronger than ever. I pray that he deletes facebook, and all apps that are ruining our relationship. Please Saint Jude Hear and answer my prayer. I also pray for the conversion and sobriety of my sons and for their relationships to be blessed by God. I pray that my son M.A.M. receives his certificate and is successful and turns his life to God. I promise Saint Jude to spread my devotion to you, Mary our Mother, and Jesus all the days of my life. Please make E.P. call me asking me to go back and fix our relationship.


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