Safety , and seeking protaction, asking for protaction , and praying for decist family memeber

by Leeda (Irvine CA)

Dear Great Loving God and merciful God , please protract us from the Terrorist, evil, bad minds, plots and keep my family , our home safe from Evil and evil minds. Please God help us and be with us watch over my child my husband , my brother , my mom , and my nephew please protract us all. Please God bring peace and Joy in our world . Please God bring peace among us , and take away send evil to hell. Bring peace unity and love and protection over us. dear God I love you first above all things because I know you created all things and I believe noting can over power you.

Also please dear GOD hear me and rest the slou of my young handsome loving brother who died very young in heaven , he was a good man , and a loving handsome husband to his wife and a loving brother to me ..Please God rest his soul in heaven… I love you Great GOD please sty with us all in this hard time .
Also please God make our move to our new home safe and we want you to help us to live a healthy life, with unity and your love with us to be in our home together forever…