Safe and Successful Pregnancy/Delivery and Healthy Baby

Lord I know I have erred but notwithstanding I have had the comfort of your grace despite all the odds. i know you have not brought me this far to fail me/us now. The road has not been easy and still is not but has allowed me much introspection. My profound belief is that there a purpose, a higher calling which will be fully revealed in time. While my situation is not ideal I have a clam that all will be well with you at my side. I declare that this baby is here for a reason – a reason known by you. At this trying time when I’m having negative symptoms and reduced movement i declare favor and mercy in Jesus’ name upon me and this baby – that all movement will resume, that my faith will be fully restored, that with God at my side I will finish this journey according to his will. Oh God – you know how much I want this baby, how I want him to be present and healthy. I have chosen a name which I believe came to me by purely divine intervention just as his being here is by your divine intervention – that I know and felt to be truly blessed by you. With you as our father I know lack nothing, that everything on this earth is on loan, but I humbly ask that the baby’s father comes around and loves him just as you do, as I do, as his siblings do, as all my family, friends and well wishers do. In Jesus’ wonderful and never-failing name I rebuke all those with negative intentions together with all negativity. I pray or caring, competent medical care-givers and for the personal wisdom to know what to do and when to do it as may be necessary. Lord you know the heaviness I feel and beg you to lighten my heart – in Jesus’ name – through whom all things are possible. Cease my wavering at this time and plant my feet and faith firmly in your grace, deliverance and salvation. Amen, Amen, Amen