Sacred heart, please give me a miracle

by J (Indiana)

Please help him allow you to soften his heart toward me and to fill it with love for me. Please banish all negative feelings towards me and any bad memories erase. Please summon all good memories he has and help him to miss me fully and to long for my companionship and love as I do.

Please help him to know I can and have changed and that I can make him so so so happy. I am so sorry for all the hurt I caused him and the way I have acted and treated him. He is my perfect mate, I love him so fully. Please restore out love and have him come visit me very very very soon. I pray that his visit evokes his love for me and that he asks me to move to Wisconsin to be with him.

I beg of your sacred heart, please reunite us in love that ends in marriage. Please lord Jesus hear and answer me swiftly.