Sacred Heart of Jesus please let HB back become my husband

by Corinne (United States)

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus please bring HB to me as my husband so we may live the rest of our lives together with each other in the union of holy matrimony . Guide our lives to be together with each other full of love faithfulness kindness and understanding and to know that together we can face anything as long as we have each other and I promise ever faithfully to keep you and praise you for your blessing of this miracle. Together we will be faithful to you and be there to help others. I trust in you Blessed Sacred Heart of Jesus ! Please help me and grant me this favor.i have faith and know you won’t disappoint me. Please go to HB and give him the strength he needs and courage and faith to know I will Always be by his side . Let him finally come to my loving arms permanently now and forever leaving his past feel safe and start our life together now. I Love you Blessed Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please cover my prayer with your precious blood and pray for this favor for me in your name. Thank you! Amen

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