Sacred Heart of Jesus, Please Help Me & My Family

by Mom Of 2 (USA)

Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You!

Our home was foreclosed on after fighting with the bank to see if we could get a loan modification. Through prayer and our faith in God, Our Father, we fought and fought and finally the bank foreclosed. We have 2 small children who always felt safe in our home and in this neighborhood. Now we have an eviction ordered by the court to vacate our home of 14 years this coming Wednesday, July 3rd.

We have not found another place to live yet, and we need to move all of our furniture and possessions out as quickly as possible in order to not be locked out of our home by the sheriff and the authorities next Wednesday. Right now, as I type this email my heart is frozen and Im scared! I cant stop crying and hurting. We have not told the children yet, for we know how traumatic this will be for them.

Please pray for and with me as Im begging God for mercy and for a miracle! We need our home. Our home is blessed and is sacred. All of our prayers, love and adoration of Jesus are here! No one will love this home as much as we do. Not so much for the physical aspect of it, but for what is signifies to us. A place of happiness surrounded by the voice of laughter and joy of our friend s and family, our childrens little friends.

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you and your family.