Sacred Heart of Jesus, PLEASE hear my prayers for Love, Commitment and MORE comminication from my M.


Sacred Heart, I come humbly to you asking that you Please continue laying the strong groundwork which will ALLOW my M. to contact me soon as possible! I ask that we bond strongly, and that our love/communication/contact grows stronger and more powerful immediately. Me and My M. have to talk now. Let him cast his LOVE and PASSION upon no other woman, other than upon ME. Let him cast all others aside. Sacred Heart of Jesus, weather it be online or on the phone, I ask that my M. Steps up–moves forward TO me. I ask that he cuts his teaching trip to K. short, and gets back to his home country of S., so that we might get back together now and soon. Let him accept me as I am and love me for who I am. I want to hear nothing but good and positive news from him when he contacts me. I ask that M. Shares his inner most feelings and his inner most thoughts with me. Let him not ever be too busy or tired to contact me. Also, I ask that it be made possible for him to come visit me in the USA in 2012. I really want to see him in person and have him see me. Sacred Heart, take my prayer, place it in YOUR Open heart then cover it with your precious blood. THEN Our Eternal Father will see my prayer and think it’s YOUR prayer and it will be answered immediately. I trust in you Sacred Heart, please do not let me down! I really want to get things started with M. now in big and loving ways! I light a candle in your honor and in Our Father’s honor and to say thank you for everything, and for answering my love prayers for M. I ask that anyone who seeks true love/companionship, let their prayers be answered! I love you Jesus and I LOVE YOU Heavenly Father! Give me strength,patience and endurance through all things and please let marriage NOT be that far away between myself and my M!

In Jesus name,

Amen and Amen~