Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayer.

by AW. (USA)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayer. I ask that you please grant my wish, and it’s that my M. Contacts me SOON and lets me know how he is, and if he reached his destination safely, that he’s settled in where he’s volunteering to teach in a village for a while this year. He’s been extremely busy with his business, work and now teaching abroad, so I ask that M. makes time for me and that our communication increases even with what he’s doing in another continent. I’ve told him of my sincere love for him, and I ask that he tells ME how HE feels too. I know he loves me also, but he’s very slow to tell one how he feels.

I want us to talk via phone, internet–any way–but please let him come forward and talk more to me about HIS feelings of relationships–all things love. Let him Share more with me what’s in HIS heart/soul. I also want him to come see me this new year of 2012 in my home country. Oh Sacred heart of Jesus, impress upon our Lord for things between us to INCREASE strongly and in more LOVE. Sacred Heart, let ALL between us be solid with Our Lord’s foundation, and let ALL between me & my M. start immediately in this new year.

I ask that my prayer be heard Sacred Heart of Jesus. So I place it in YOUR open heart, covered with YOUR precious blood–and when OUR Father sees it, he will think my prayer is YOUR prayer and it will be answered immediately. I ask for more faith, patience and understand in this situation. I KNOW my prayer will be answered and I’ll not be disappointed. I light a candle in your honor Sacred Heart of Jesus, and also in Our Lord’s honor thanking you for growing me and M’s relationship to the point it is NOW. Give me peace and calmness and him too during this time…

I know I won’t be disappointed! Me and M. will be together in ALL thins in 2012. My M is HERE in my life and I’m IN HIS also, forever…

Amen and Amen…

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  1. an illness I cannot heal from

    Please dear Lord help me with this terrible smell I have you know how much this problem affects me. My work and my co-workers I have taken all kinds of medications and just don;t know what else to do I pray for help from you dear Lord and others who will please pray for me it is so embrassing to come to work and know that others are talking and laughing about my proble. Please hear my pray. Thank you

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