Sacred Heart of Jesus, Please hear my prayer for LOVE


Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayer for LOVE. I ask that M. contacts me soon. I’ve not heard from him for a long while. I know the reason for him not contacting, and it’s because he’s teaching college students in Kenya. I love him for his selflessness. However it meant that our communications would be sparse for a bit. I ask that you PLEASE make a way for him to have time to contact me. I know he had to have arrived there safe. PLEASE let him contact me and tell me this is the case. I ask that from his first contact to me here in 2012, our communications LOVE, and commitment to one another increase tremendously and grow deeper and stronger. That he comes forward and shares all with me. We very much need to talk. I want this year also to be the year he comes to visit me here in the USA. Our relationship is very unusual, yet we do share a love for one another. Give me patience to endure the distance between us until things start for us a new here in 2012. I know you will not disappoint me Sacred Heart. I ask that you take my prayer to you this day, place it in your open heart covered with your precious blood so Our Father sees it, thinks it’s your prayer and it’s answered immediately here in 2012.

Again, I know I WILL NOT be disappointed because you love me and want me and my M. happy together this year. I light a candle to you as I type this prayer offering to you Sacred heart of Jesus in gratitude for your help and for Our Father’s help as well in this matter which concerns all things LOVE-related. I also pray for anyone who wants a love-relationship filled with trust, love and commitment as well. Thank you, and know that I LOVE you Sacred Heart of Jesus, and of course I LOVE Our Lord as well. Thank you for everything that is about to take place between myself and M. He’s IN my life–just move him forward in a BIGGER and QUICKER way! I promise you, I’ll BE ready for the commitment of love and marriage with my M. R….

In your name Jesus, I pray. I KNOW I will not be let down. My prayers continue and my faith stays strong.

Amen and Amen

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  1. Prayer for Love

    Dear God,

    I pray for this person and all others who struggle with similar situations. Please fill them with your eternal peace, love, and patience. Please allow them to experience the love and commitment they are seeking. It is so difficult to be separated from a loved one and to love someone without a promise of commitment. Please comfort all those who are suffering in this way tonight. Please give them hope, trust, and faith that they are exactly where they are supposed to be and their life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. Please grant them serenity, courage, and wisdom.

    Thank you, God, for listening to my prayer and for all the goodness in the world. Thank you also for this site which allows people to share their prayers and pray for others, bringing your light into the world to comfort and guide all of us as we comfort each other. Amen.

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