Sacred heart of Jesus, I need you

Sacred heart of Jesus I’m having such a hard time right now with so much. I cry all the time and feel selfish because you have answered my prayers and kept my children and family n me safe. I am struggling with so much right now, I feel lost.

I need your help with my pain both physically and emotionally, help finding a job that’s just for me, I need help making the decision of whether I should continue to stay with the man I’m with, I need help financially so my family doesn’t carry the burden, I need you in my life every second of every day Jesus, and so do my children, my grandchildren, and my family. I ask for you to help with thedrug epidemic and save people’s loved ones from overdosing and help them stay away from the drugs that evil has placed in their lives, remove it.

I need you in my life Jesus to help me with the obstacles I face, and in my family’s lives. Bless my family, my friends, anyone who’s reading this, and everyone. I love you, amen

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