Ron and Kelly

Ron and I have been dating four years and were to be married by the end of this year. He has been working a full time job five hours away and it has been very hard on us. He has become emotionally distant and has not been home in several months. We have some major work that needs to be done on his house (where I live alone) and he says he is coming home to take care of everything next week.

Please join with me in prayer that God will minister to the both of us, and help to bridge the distance and join us together in holy matrimony. God has called me to sing and to minister to women. Ron is called to paint beautiful portraits of Jesus – and he has not been doing that for awhile. Please pray that we both step in to our God given talents and use them as God intended, and that we band together – and work to help others to know God.

Thank you so much! I love Ron so much and am praying for him daily. The devil is tempting him. I seem to be the only person in his life that is praying for him.

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