Rock Bottom Addiction

by Amy Kibbe ()

I’ve battled a meth addiction for around 20yrs now & I’ve got rock bottom once again. I’m 41 now & back to living with my oysters again. I’ve lost my job, my car, my home, my kids, my fiance that I’d been with for 7 1/2yrs walked out on me after getting our home raided & my kids taken. We also found out at the time my oldest daughter was molested & I had n o idea. She was staying the night with someone else when it happened but was going through some extremely bad bully issues at school at the time too. So we thought her cutting herself was caused from the bullying. My other 3 kids were also having issues at the time so I was dealing with a lot plus fighting my addiction. My kids have been through a lot with me & I thank God He blessed me with the ability to still embed God’s Love & goodness in their hearts like I was blessed to have. My drug addiction has taken everything away from me & yet I still battle it & can’t seem to get away from it. I know God can do miraculous things & have been praying for years. I feel I’m at the point that I need much more than my prayers to finally move forward from my addiction. Trying to get my life back together again has been even more difficult through the Coronavirus shut down.

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