Road to recovery

by I Ask For Prayers For My Mother To Heal And Recover From Her Surgery (Shiprock)

My my 69!year old mother had major back surgery a week ago. My parents live in a rural area and 5 miles from a paved road. Today my mom had to cancel her doctors appt because the weather got bad and she could not be driven on the road. We finally had a road crew set up set up to fix the road today after 5 years or more of waiting. Now I hear the local chapter in charge of the community my parents live in wants to stop the road construction. The man in charge at the chapter does not like my father and this is his way of making life miserable for my parents. I am asking for prayers for my parents and family to get the road construction. I pray that the community works together peacefully to resolve the situation. I also ask for prayers for my mother to heal and recover from her surgery. Thank you very much . God bless

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