Rising above past hurts and leaving a righteous legacy – Jesus saves

by Tam (San Diego)

Thank you Lord – I recieved such kindness and understanding / healing especially the last 2 yrs. decades ago music and Angels started a journey I’m my life.. Faith was crushed but restored and I stumbled again but finally feel the love of Jesus as I have been baptized in Jesus Christ.. Now I’m praying for finances as my church stories and family stories along with music have helped me bring it altogether.. Journey of my life has been mazing as I continue on learning more hurt and anger most of all fear have been washed away. Forgive – gosh I’m so blessed.. Living with in laws at this time and I thank them.. God bless Mom and Pop. God bless my family and friends.. Enemies too. Get happy! Money will come.. In Jesus mighty name. Lord I pray special prayer also for Mariah as she tours and gets through a emotional time in her life. Keep all the positive thoughts going in my life- I’ve been saved by Christ. I’m finally reuniting with family I’ve been getting back on track.. Was I born to spread the live and fascinating wonders if God? I feel I was and everyday I see and feel things to delight God really does love all of us. Do I tell the world ? Testify? Give me that confirmation Lord.. Amen

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