Right Now Goal Prayer

by Patrice Wright (CALIFORNIA)

Thank you Father for already equipping me with everything I need to live a prosperous and victorious lifestyle. Thank You that You are a God of a second chance. I am no longer bound by my past error or mistakes, because all things are working for my good. I thank You that You perfect all that concerns me. I choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I declare that because I am the seed of the righteous I am covered by Your Blood and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. You promised me a better maximized life and my days of lack are over. You have given me the authority to speak and believe what I can achieve. I was born to be great and I have incredible potential, creative ideas, and dreams that must come to pass. You are an awesome God thank You that Your Angels are encamped about me and keep me in all my ways. I am spiritually strong and remain steadfast in Your word. Thank You Lord that you are sending Godly people in my path who sincerely want to see me succeed in every area of my life. My mind is alert and I can manifest and speak forth all that concerns me and my endeavors. I have what I need because I am a child of the Most High God. I set in order my financial affairs so that as I increase in wealth my debts diminishes. I recognize that You didnt make me to live-in mediocrity. You see the best in me and You created me to worship You and I give You all the praise. Your word says you take pleasure in prospering Your children spiritually, physically, and materially. My family, businesses, health, education and my finances are orchestrated to carry out Your will for my life. Thank You Father for the ability, insight, talent, wisdom and Your Supernatural power that is working my life. Thank You for the new thing that You are doing in my life. I see myself blessed, rising to new levels of prosperity because I am more than a conqueror. Thank You for VH Shakir Realty where they seek to improve the quality of my life and my business as a realtor, partner, soon to be broker, and investor, Mary Kay Director, Child Care Provider, Professional Speaker, Evangelist. I am utilizing and prospecting with my sphere of influence and they are referring family and friends to use or seek my services. I add to my database daily of new contacts. I am getting the best training, motivation, coaching, access to funds, and ongoing support to empower me to my highest potential. I attract millionaire mentors. I am attracting a dream team to pursue my inheritance you promised me. I am a millionaire. I think like a millionaire. I talk like a millionaire. I walk like a millionaire. I believe, feel and act like a millionaire. I am creating million-dollar enterprise honestly, ethically and morally. I am a wise steward over my money, and I live within my means. I attract multiple streams of income great deal of wealth and potential. I am a seed faith giver and whatever I sow comes back to me. Preferential treatment is given to me, because You favor me and he sets things up for my benefit. I am stepping in to the overflow of blessings. Things are shifting in my favor. My future is filled with moments of favor, increase and promotion. Thank you God you have already ordained my future before the foundation of the world. Time and chance are coming together for me. I can see the vision of what my life looks like. I raise my level of expectancy and I will not miss out on the moment of favor You have for me. Even when it appears difficult, I am moved by what I believe and not what I see. Lord I know you are with me. Everyday I live-in expectancy knowing that You are with me. I live a life of victory. I speak favor with the banks concerning my home and finances. Favor with my real estate business buyers and sellers, investors, realtors, brokers, bank negotiators, transactional funding lenders, loan reps, title and escrow companies, inspectors, appraisers, BPO agents, contractors, all 1st, 2nd, 3rd lien holders, underwriters. Favor with my child care business. Favor with the parents, protection of the children, funding, updated learning material, new toys, upgrade of the facility in and out. Favor with other child care providers, food programs, organizations that seek child care services for displaced families, referral agencies. Favor with the foster care organization. Favor with bring the right kind of staffing. Favor with my Mary Kay business. Favor to become a director, favor with recruiting the right kind of women who will run with the vision to be successful entrepreneurs. Favor with other directors who will mentor me, funding for Mary Kay inventory. Favor with all men and women of all races to purchase, reorder and use on a consistent basis. Favor as I network with others. Favor for my business to become an internet cash producing success. Favor conducting classes, facial, makeovers, fashion show, bridal shows and beauty on the going facials. Favor with my book to be written and published by Aug 2012. Thank you for the vision for a women conference and I will come to pass in 2012. Endorsements, speaking engagements, radio, TV, magazines, jewelry line, clothing line, fragrance line, and other accessories. Thank You that I can handle, promote, finance, preserver, recruit and hire the right people, multiply my income, negotiate, market, manage, sell, purchase , mentor, encourage, help, motivate with wisdom in every area of my businesses. Thank You father in my business, in my home , my church, with my family, finances, and my personal life, that whatever my hands touch, wherever my feet walk, whatever my mind has conceived in to income producing idea, whatever I see that is pure, just, noble and of good report, whatever my mouth speaks shall and will come to pass. And it is so in Jesus name.

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