Rid of a negative force that takes away from me that I love

by Naomi Lautzenheiser ()

My name is naomi Lautzenheiser and I’m requesting pray for whatever this negative force that has a thick shadow covering me that takes away from me.
My fur baby sweet pea who I love so very much has been taken/stolen from me. She is my life and world. She brought joy and happiness and love to me and filled a void inside. I love as if she were a human being and to me she is my little hairy girl and all I have and I feel like my heart and soul has been ripped out of me and I am lost without her. I want her back now I have done all know too do looking for her even put up a reward. She was a suprise baby and a blessing from God to me after my other fur babies were stolen from me and adopted out. It was a money gain and they didn’t care that my babies didn’t want for anything and taken care of better than I took care of myself. Sweet pea made happy once again if not more and she loves me just as much. She all the family I have and it’s been taken from me.
I asked a female who was working at Murphy’s gas station if she would watch sweet pea so I could run into Walmart to get dog food and a few other things. She said sure that she was there till 1AM which it was around 12:30 am I told her I would hurry as soon as I could. I was a little after 1AM after I got checked out. When I got back from Walmart. The female is gone and my baby. Manager rolled back the cameras and said it that she worked her leash loose and went toward the street that the cameras only go so far and don’t know what way she went. I have been praying every day. I need help praying . Also , I need prayer for people to stop stealing from me. Leaving me with just the clothes on my back. I am disabled and can’t get any help from resources cause I have no identification and I have no income coming in of any kind. I struggle every day just to get by and how I get by I sit hours with a sign asking for help from people. I have no clothes. I feel like I am living Jobs life. I’m not materialistic but I do have to have clothes to wear. Those I love, what belongings I do have it all gets taken from me. I feel like and starting to believe that I was not meant to have any thing in life and to be happy and love. I am on the verge of giving up. I want my baby back and for people to leave my belongings alone and stop stealing from me

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