Rid my son of the demons of drug addiction

Dear Lord, most gracious, loving spirit,in Your name I ask,rid my son of the evil spirits of drug addiction, it is the 11th hour, he is at the point where it is the choice of life or death, he may be treated, begining now if he chooses, if not, he is destined to death. The Monks are waiting now to accept him into their loving care one one condition, that he enter willingly.

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  1. TRUST

    I can relate to the pain you are going through. I am not a mother, but my brother who was heavily addicted to drugs from age 14 to 35 chose that lifestyle and came close to death many times. I gave up on him…..but never stopped praying. Through the love of God and intercession of the angels and saints, my brother has been clean and free of drugs for 5 years. He tells me today that it has been one of the toughest struggles he has ever lived through, but it is because of him that I believe even your son will pull through, it may not be today or next week or next month. But he will pull through. Trust, believe and pray with all your will & might. You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless

  2. praying for you

    I am not a parent but I have a friend who has struggled in the past with this horrible affliction. Your story moved me and I wanted to reach out to say that in some small way, I empathize. I will pray for peace and tranquility for you both.

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