Reuniting with my Husband

by Nesia Bamfield (Guyana)

Father, I step back and allow you to move over the troubled places in our marriage. Hover over the deep places in our lives and restore us to each other. Your word declares It is not good than man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.

We have hurt each other with wounding words, heal our hearts, mend our lives and love for each other. Weapons were formed against us and we allowed the enemy to come in and destroy our union. Forgive us!

With a heart of repentance, I come to you, with a heart of love and compassion I seek you. Help us Lord, hear my humble cry,

Father lift up your standard against the enemy! Exalt yourself before every evil work in and through our lives. Bring down every high thing working against us. Cancel every evil word spoken against us. Rid us from the grip of the enemy and free us from guilt.

With a voice of triumph I say, this battle is the Lords and He has won it for us. Amen!

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