Reunite/Reconcile my family (My daughter’s father left us for another lady)

by Kitai (Coral Springs, FL, USA)

It has been six months and going since my boyfriend left me and our daughter. He is involved with another lady that a friend of his as introduces her to him. I have known him for 10 years. I love him my prayer is: oh God that you would reconcile us make our love stronger. Open his eyes and heart so he could see how much he loves us his family. And he needs his family. My little girl prays for her dad to return so we can be a family once again. I see my 2 1/2 years old pain wanting her dad. I pray for a miracle that we would be a family loving, caring family. I pray whenever he sees this lady he sees his family. I pray every time he looks at this lady eye that he sees his daughter and the pain in which he has caused. I pray that he get sick to stomach to know that he loves his family unconditionally. We love him and pray for him to come home. In Jesus name Amen.

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