Reunite with my ex boyfriend

Dear Lord oh God, please help my ex boyfriend to enlighten his spirit, mind, heart and soul. Let him realize of what he’s done is not good and right. Give him the courage to speak to me to fix our relationship that has been broken. Let him think of me, our plans for our future together, how we loved each other and how our family love our relationship together. Lord, please get him back to me as I believe that we both deserve a second chance. I know it’s not too late for us to start all over again and to prove ourselves that we can change for the better to make our relationship more stronger. Give him the urge to love me again instead of continuing his affair to a married woman who has 6 children with different fathers. Father oh God, please hear my prayer as I really feel so hopeless right now. I love my ex boyfriend so much and I know how much he loves me before having an affair with that woman. I want to spend my life with him not only because I love him but also because I know I am the right one for him. Lord, God please touch his heart to realize his relationship with the woman is not worth for him. I have a forgiving heart to accept him whole again and to understand the situation that had happen to us. I believe in You and trust in You with all my heart oh, Lord. Please do a miracle for us oh, God. Thank you, Lord. Please hear me..

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