Reunite Us together in love, Lord

by Stephen (Lewiston, ID)

Dear Lord

I come to you with my heart open and ask that you restore the relationship I had with my true love Cleo. Please put in her heart the forgiveness and understanding that she needs to accept me back into her life. Please heavenly father through your son Jesus Christ mend our hearts together as it was meant to be and let her know the love we had was from above and true.

Remove all obstacles that are now separating us and restore the blessing that you gave me so that I may honor you through a life of committed love and dedication for her. Open her eyes to the love she has for me and place in her heart the love that she knew was from you and keep her protected from the evil that came between us. I ask that we come together this summer before any more confusion is cast upon her by evil forces that have clouded her mind. Let me take my place next to her and continue the walk together that you had blessed, in your name Jesus Christ, Amen.