Reunite our family

by Rwh/Sac (Alaska)

Dear Lord,

Please may I ask you to help put forth your living hand upon my family and reunite us stronger than ever. Please let my partner and I see your love for us and spread that throughout our hearts and souls and let that love flourish throughout our children and family.

Let the light shine and open all the past despair and anguish and release that to be filled with unity and compassion for each other. Give us insure to rekindle what was nice there but what is presently lost.

Put this prayer and worth of being forth and just show us a glimpse of hope and love with remorse no matter the sins or problems in the past.

I believe in you my lord as I believe in my family. Let my family feel and see the same.

In your name, Amen.

I love you my lord.

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