Reunite or let go

by Cassandra (Maine)

My fiancee and I had been together for about 4 years when we welcomed our daughter… Thru that time there was multiple occasions of domestic violence and his alcoholism became out of control i prayed for him and ask the Lord to help our family.. My fiancee was removed from the home and we have been seperated most of my daughters life..

Recently he has completed domestic violence counseling and Parenting classes, he has been at a christian based rehab center for his addiction for 8 months and is about half way done… he wants his family back and i love him dearly i miss my best friend…

in the last 3 years i have tried to move on and have established a working relationship with another man.. i feel so lost and confused of what i should do what is right.. i feel dependant on my current boyfriend and miss my daughters dad… I want my family reunited but i dont know if it is what im supposed to do, if it will be healthy or not!!

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