reunite my Family

by Sherry (Naperville,Il U.S.A)

Much like many family’s now, my family is separated and we are trying so hard to get the money together to move to Mexico with my husband. My husband was deported last year 2 weeks before Christmas, he was coming home from work and was arrested in the parking lot in front of our Daughter who was waiting for the school bus. He was reported to ICE by someone as being in the country illegally.

My husband like many others was brought here as a young man by his parents and we met shortly after we have been together for almost 14 yrs.My daughters and him are my world and we are torn apart not being together. we are not asking for him to come back we are just asking for the power of prayer as we have decided to move to Mexico with him.Please pray that are family is reunited soon and please pray for our happiness and secure future as we venture into this new way of life in a country neither he or I really know.
Thank you
The Vargas Family

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