Reunite my children and I

by Lisa ()

Please Lord, with every single breath and every drop of being within me, every beat of my heart and every bit of my soul I pray for Your will to intervene and to grant a miracle and bring back together my 5 children and I..
I ask to invoke You St. Joseph and You Blessed Virgin Mary, to bring this request to Your Holy Son, my Lord Jesus Christ on my humble behalf.
I am so lost and so broken, so hurt and so hopeless without my family Lord, as You know in my heart, I pray for You to grant mercy and this blessing upon my unworthy soul.
Lord forgive me my sins and direct me in my life to better follow your word and my Savior’s perfect example, to teach my children to know You and to please You. Lord, please heal my broken heart and reunite my family again.
I’m sorry Lord, for every trespass against Your will and against Your word. Lead me to live by Your word and please guide me to do better in Your example.
Mother Mary, I ask you to help me become the woman I am meant to become, please allow me to again be a mother and to mother in Your image and to make my Heavenly Family proud.
I beg this in Your Holy Name, my Lord, my Father in Heaven; in Christ’s Name, My Holy Savior; in the Name of Mary and Joseph, my perfect example of righteous parenting; and in the Name of the Holy Spirit, my gift and reminder of the sacrifice made so that we may live! I Love You.

Thank you,

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