Reunite me and my boyfriend

by Gratitude (Malaysia)

Dear Jesus,

We had a fight and my boyfriend, Dan, decided to end this relationship with me. I am now in pain, my heart is now tear to pieces, is not complete, i can constantly feel the pain and the emptiness on my left chest.

Dear Jesus,

I want to pray for peace in My heart and my boyfriend heart for i know this is not a easy time for both of us, and i want to thank you for all that you have given us in life including this pain of break up, because i know is for our own good, you want me and my boyfriend to learn something out of this experience.

Dear Jesus,

i pray that you will end this break up soon and reunite our heart for after this break up i realize my flaw and imperfection, i still love him very much, dear jesus please soften his heart and make him call me, because i don’t want to call and annoy him anymore, therefor, i can only do what i can here, pray and wait for his call.

Dear Jesus,

You let us meet and fall in love, please let our heart reunite, please let him see that i am the one, please give him courage and patient to salvage this relationship.

Jesus, Please bless us with happiness in life and guide us with a relationship with you as the center of our relationship.

Dear Jesus, Bible state that love never fail, please reunited us , bless us with patient and kind towards each other, take away his resentment towards me, guide us to forgive and trust again.

In Jesus name, reunite me and my boyfriend. Amen.

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  1. Love

    Please father reunite me and my boyfriend, any factors that have contributed to this situation, I ask that you change for the better.

    Father I beg of you to take away any resentment he may have towards me and replace it with love.

    Bless me with a gentle spirit and bless us with understanding to be able to overcome our barriers without breaking up.

    in your almighty name I pray


  2. look to the Lord

    For those of you who turn to God in this painful time being apart fromthe love of your life, I pray for you and with you. As me myself right now cry myself to sleep every night. I pray that the one you loves heart will be softened and warm towards your I pray your pain and hurt is only a temporary measure. I pray your love will be rekindled soon and I pray the love between you will be stronger than ever. I pray God will give you the strength to deal with this pain until he sends your love back to you.


  3. dr egogo

    These things that are needed where do you get them or do u have to send the Money directly to get theM?

  4. Stop Crying

    When God takes someone out of your life stop trying to bring them back in because of your feelings. God does not act on your feelings. God had a reason for ending the relationship. Maybe you weren’t meant for each other. God could have saved you from each other. Apparently that wasn’t the man God had planned for your destiny. Instead of being sad and depressed thank God for your new boo he is about to bring your way. When someone walks away from you send them 2 cards. A. I’m sorry for your loss and B. Thank you cards.

  5. Please Jesus help me understand

    Jesus please help me understand why so many bad events happen to me, i lost my first now and now he has a baby girl with someone else and another one is engaged to another girl so please help me understand the pain i’m going through?

  6. Thank You

    Dear Jesus,
    First of all, i want to thank you for all your blessing, my heart is now more peaceful than before, and i am able to find strength to carry on my daily life, even thou i am still very sad about this break up, but with prayer and your help, i found peace.

    A week has past, and we haven’t got back together, Now, i have cut all contact with him and give him all the space that he need.

    Dear Jesus,

    Sister and brother here, advise me to come to you first, and let your will be done, so here i am praying again,

    Lord, if it is your will, we are meant to be, Please let Dan realize soon how wonderful i am, soften his heart and fill his heart with love towards me, touch his heart with your hand Jesus,make him realize how much i meant to him and make him miss me in every way, give him courage to call me, take away his stubbornness. Guide us and lead us far away from temptation, and restore this relationship, drive us closer and closer to each other each day and bless us with joy in this relationship.

    Dear Jesus,

    I now put this relationship all into your hand. Please guide both of us in our life.

    Dear Jesus, please bless all the brother and sister who have pray for me, fill their life with abundance of happiness and good health.


  7. Get thee behind

    Louise (Ekaka advocate)

    If that is your name…spells are more trouble in the end, the outcome will leave you worse, way worse than when you started out because they are against God. Find time to read Exodus Chapter 7,8,9 and 10.

    Initially they seem to be working but it is a way of Satan given false hope and that is why God detest it and its practitioners – 1 Kings 18 describes their end.

    To the sister whose boyfriend is broken up with, from someone who has previously suffered that terrible agony, I pray that God will give you peace, mend your heart and give you opportunities and grace to be joyful.

    Please, please do not despair as others have encouraged, pray for God’s will to be done.

    He desires only the best for us even if at times we do not feel that this is so.

  8. Let God's WILL be done

    Dear Father, I thank you that you are the GOD of love. It is your character that we should have good things and only give us what we need.

    Sometimes we want things that our hearts and our eyes see and feel but it is not what is good for us.

    Please make us totally aware that we are first to be totally committed to your ways. We should first ask, LORD is this your will for me?

    and secondly LORD that we should patiently wait for your answer. Lord I also pray that we should be aware of obvious signs that you are showing to us and heed your warnings.

    Such as, a lover that is abusing us, to see it as something we cannot fix and to get away from that person, to not blame ourselves, to not be so desperate that we accept the difficulty as something that is good.

    Lord, may you please protect and guide us but may be also heed obvious warnings and use the mind that you have given us to get out of harm’s way and go YOUR way. In Jesus Name, AMEN

  9. Prayer for boyfriend and you

    First I want to say I know that kind of heartache. Ive lived it. Sometimes the person leaving is really a blessing in the long run..and only God knows if it is or not because he sees the future.

    But the desire of your heart here is to I shall pray for that and if it be the LOrds will..then it will happen. I am 58 and had a friend years ago who met her husband in age 20 and at age 22 he broke up with her for a year..even said he was dying ..he wasnt dying…

    they were apart and she was heart broken..then after almost a year he called her…and they got back together and have been together since. They have a georgeous home and a wonderful life.

    So it can happen to you too if it is the Lords will.

    God I pray for my sister in Christ…you hear the desire of her heart..she wants to be runited with the man she loves… Lord if it is your will let the love that is inside him for her come to surface and let him not be able or want to go a day without calling her or seeing her. I ask you to place that longing and love in his heart.

    I ask this in Jesus name and ask let your will be done in their lives on earth as it is in heaven.

    Lord in the meantime, give her strength and patience..touch her heart and let her come to you, Jesus and you be her love..yes focus on Jesus and allow him to be the one you love and worship him now and then ask for the desire of your heart.

    Put Jesus first… I know its hard, Ive been there but this is how I see the Lord working for you…getting closer to Him first…and depending on HIM…and Lord make this quick if it is your will that her boyfriend comes back to her…bring him back to her quickly and let him realize in his mind and heart he really does love her.


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