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Over the past 7 months, the woman I felt I would spend my life with has left me. She was off running around doing her thing for a little while, then 3 months later she comes back to me. I accepted her, forgave her and the following 3 months, although we were not a couple we’re spending time together like old times, along with her 2 boys (10 & 8 yrs old) things seemed ok. We had disagreements or arguments over social media or others texting, stuff that shouldn’t even matter. Then over the last few weeks, we have slowly drifted. She hangs out with other people, one being a guy she claimed was just a friend plus said he is gay, Idk. Anyway, I had some things of hers and I said once I gave her the things plus some random gifts for the kids I would leave her alone and not bother her. This hurts me badly. As I gave her the stuff I know I saw love in her eyes but I did as I said, gave her the stuff and left her alone. I would love to have our relationship reunited, even to start out slow because we truly fit together. We have the same weird sense of humor, we act goofy, we believe in many of the same things. We finished each other’s thoughts not just sentences but thoughts, I love her and I know she loves me. I pray she realizes what we had and what she is missing. I will put in whatever it takes for us, I pray she will do the same. God bless Kaci, the kids, our relationship and myself. Thank you, Amen.

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